The installation of pallet racking

The installation of pallet racking or shelving in a warehouse requires professional design (taking into consideration forklift, reach truck or turret truck aisle dimensions for turning) professional installation and being sure to conform to the latest building permitting codes for seismic zones.

Pallet racks are the most popular type of storage system for warehouse storage. Warehouse pallet racks can be designed for pallets, boxes, cartons, furniture, carpet, records archives, crates, bulk storage, and almost any other type of raw goods and finished products.

Our engineering department can design a storage system for almost any application in the material handling industry, from heavy duty pallet racks to light duty pallet racks, and everything in between.

Rack and rack systems may be one of the answers to designing the most cost-effective solution to help store, pick, move and ship products. The type of rack system that best suits your needs depends greatly on how much space is available, how much product must be stored, how much it weighs, how the product is retrieved and how often the product is accessed.
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