Maperitive est un logiciel qui permet de réaliser ses propres cartes. Il est possible de télécharger les données depuis différentes sources cartographiques. Il est possible d'appliquer le style de carte que vous souhaitez. You can use predefined map styles or prepare your own.

How Do I Start Using Maperitive?
Download it, unzip it somewhere, and run Maperitive.exe.

When you start Maperitive, it shows the OSM web map. The web map is basically the same thing you see in your browser when you visit the OSM map on the web and it consists of tiles downloaded from an OSM server. Since these tiles are just bitmaps that were already pre-generated on the server, you cannot change their styling.

Maperitive map styles (a.k.a. rendering rules) work on vector data, like OSM and GPX files. So you first need to load a vector file into Maperitive to see the actual rules in action. You can use the File | Open Map Sources menu command to open one or more map sources (or simply drag and drop the files into Maperitive).

After you've done this, you can use the Map | Edit Rendering Rules menu command to edit the map style rendering rules in a text editor.

What Can I Do With Maperitive?
A lot:

Make maps with your own content and style.
Render relief contours, hillshading, hypsometric tinting etc.
Export these maps to bitmaps or SVG files.
Make Web map tiles.
Automate mapmaking through scripts, Python and Maperitive command-line console.
... and a lot more!
What Can't I Do With Maperitive?
Maperitive currently does not support reading of map data from a database like  PostGIS or SQLite. So covering large areas (say, whole Germany, UK, USA or, indeed, the whole world) would be a bit tricky.
Is Maperitive Free?
Yes, it's free. Please visit the FAQ page for more info.

Maperitive is maintained by Igor Brejc who loves maps and programming and does this in his spare time. If you really like the software, you can show some appreciation to its author by donating a little amount. Please visit the main page where you'll find the Donate button. Thanks!

Will The Maps I Make Be Free?
They will be as free as are the map sources you use. Maperitive itself does not put any licensing restrictions on the maps you produce. If you use OSM data, please visit OSM Legal FAQ page for more info about licensing maps based on OSM data.

Where Can I Go Next?
You can start reading the Ten Minutes Introduction To Maperitive or browse the documentation starting page for more detailed information. One warning though: Maperitive documentation is a work in progress! If you have any problems or questions, don't hesitate to write to Maperitive Google Group.
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